Baring all: joyous abandon from Opera Naked

Opera Naked is cool, confessional cabaret from a singer’s point of view.  Absolute devotion and dedication to opera – in the face of financial disaster, parental disapproval, physical problems and even moral dilemmas – is what gives this production its passionate, beating heart.

The whole thing rolls along at a lick; moments of pathos are still given space, and the arias glow beautifully throughout the production, but it’s a fast-paced evening which provokes thought and celebrates survival, rather than dwelling on despair. The ‘nightmare audition’ sequence was an absolute tour de force (and provoked gales of laughter).

Lynn Binstock is to be warmly congratulated on creating an original, special, fascinating opportunity for the opera audience to get to know opera singers. It is emotional; it is charming; and above all, it is great fun, and will keep you thinking long after you leave. Click here to read my full review on Bachtrack 

A production by Unexpected Opera

Downstairs in the Studio Bar at the shiny new St James Theatre

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