A Tale of Two Tannhäusers: Theater Freiburg at Norwich

Theater Freiburg don’t usually tour, so this journey to the Norwich Theatre Royal is itself a pilgrimage of a kind. The camaraderie and team spirit stirred up by the unusual challenge of moving such an enormous company, sets and all, to perform two great Wagner epics in one week (Parsifal preceded Tannhäuser) in a different country and on a different stage, shines out in a production rich with enthusiasm, skill and commitment. Eva-Maria Höckmayr’s passion and vision, meanwhile, ensures a highly articulate and intimate drama which keeps us on the edge of our seats until its tragic, transcendent end: with not one, but two Tannhäusers on stage…

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It didn't look like this. But here's a lovely Tannhäuser picture anyway.

It didn’t look like this. But here’s a lovely Tannhäuser picture anyway.

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