Midsummer Mischief Programme B – for Theatrecat

I reviewed Midsummer Mischief Programme B at the kind invitation of Libby Purves, for her website Theatrecat.com.


Starkly funny, E.V. Crowe’s play shows us how old-fashioned patriarchal family stereotypes fail to nourish or support anyone, and speaks clearly about why they must be broken.

THIS IS NOT AN EXIT – Abi Zakarian

Clever, funny, and moving, with a haunting sense of nostalgia for the lost priorities of the past, and some wonderful original music by Johanna Groot Bluemink, Zakarian takes us back to a time when achievements, hopes and dreams were real. Let’s hope they can be so again.

Click here to read my full review of both works on Theatrecat.

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